So this is some jpgs from my Principles of Animation. And my assignments for that class. Currently we are on perspective. 

And here is where you can see some pdf’s he loaded for us.

One is a toonboom guide that we aren’t going to use. and then we have the 12 principles of animation. 

I actually have notes on it but I think it defines it better :).

12 Principles of Animation

Toonboom Guide

Here is some other links he’s given us. One is how we did the Flying Bird animation in flash. No sound.

Part 1

Part 2

Sangjun Lee Website

Disney Shorts

Disney Article About the Shorts

Hehe btw I mean animation shorts o3o

11 Second Club

They hold animation contests :) no matter what your medium is..

And at the moment that’s all there is - and this isn’t including the emails this teacher sents :) he really wants us to know more about animation and wants us to enjoy it. Haha even sent us something about internship at Disney.

Anywhose, I got to work on my perspective assignment. I hope this is helpful. 

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